About us

Manabí is a land of fishermen and peasants, heirs to seamen and montubio traditions that are melted in a mosaic of cultures, landscapes and flavors.

Our name

The secrets of La Secreta

Located in a secluded hill where the ocean, the mountains, the bay and the plains meet, La Secreta welcomes travelers and offers them the flavors, vibes and smells of Manabí. La Secreta was, for many years, a corner known to very few visitors but now it wants to reveal the secrets of Manabita tradition while it offers magical moments of leisure, fun and discovery.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you the best Manabita rural experience in a unique place, located between the ocean and the countryside, where you will be able to enjoy the most vivid landscapes while you are submerged in nature and are delighted in the delicacies produced by this land.

Our Vision

We work to provide you with exceptional experiences that will make your visit to La Secreta an unforgettable memory while we contribute to bring our cuisine and the rural experience to the rest of Ecuador and the world.