La Secreta hosts the restaurant-school Iche, a space where flavors, colors and smells of Manabí´s culinary tradition combine with the innovate spirit of entrepreneurs who prepare the most tasty delicacies to delight our visitors.

Gastronomic Learning

In partnership with the civil society organization FUEGOS, we work to turn local culinary entrepreneurships in the social transformation driver in Manabí and in Ecuador.

What is Iche?

Iche is a term that comes from an ancestral language from Manabí that was used to name this land´s most delicious dishes, such as corviche, ceviche, viche and troliche.

The Language of Flavors

In Iche: the language of flavors, cooking begins with organic production of ingredients, this is why we have created a space that allows those who visit us to participate both in the harvest of crops and in food preparation.